If you have ever been to our factory in Estelí, you must have seen first-hand the bustle and the fuzz of our rolling floor. Truth is, our bunchers and rollers are always moving, if you listen carefully, there’s even a hidden rhythm when they roll the tobacco leaves as if they were all part of the same choreography.

It might be them, or it might the catchy beats are playing on the background. One way or another, we are allowed to say that this place, where our talented rolling teams give life to our cigars, is a place full of joy. They work in a bright, friendly atmosphere. They chat while they work, listen to the radio. Some – like the ever-smiling Aristo – enjoy a smoke.

Rolling floor soundtrack

rolling floor

To share some of the aforementioned joy, we came together to create a playlist that features their favorite songs. These are the beats that keep them going and moving inside our factory. Listen to this diverse playlist, here!