Dear amigos, in 1968, our Cuban founders, along with the talented people of the Nicaragua Cigar Company, as the founders named Joya de Nicaragua initially, pioneered an industry by crafting the first cigars to ever come out of Nicaragua. More than fifty years later, we continue crafting some of the original blends created by founders. As a matter of fact, our Clásico is one of them. This blend once captivated world leaders when it was the official cigar of the White House back in the 70s. This year, we celebrate this renowned brand by launching a new line of Clásico cigars; the Clasico Medio Siglo.

Where it all started

In the words of Juan Martìnez, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua, “the Clásico is where it all started.”

It was Nicaragua’s first premium, long-filler cigar, made in Nicaragua’s first factory. Since then, many things have changed in the industry, we’ve added many successful lines to accompany all tastes and pockets over the years, but our Clásico has been ever-present. We continue making and appreciating ­this elegant cigar that showcases the quality and smoothness of Nicaraguan tobacco.

Clásico Medio Siglo

Clásico Medio Siglo is an homage to the thousands of cigar lovers who enjoy the true Clásico style. It commemorates that original White House cigar and marks more than fifty years of production.


Wrapped in colorado-colored Habano Criollo leaf, with Nicaraguan fillers and binders, its profile delivers that diverse experience that Clásico smokers have learned to love; spice, wood, and leather in a gentle, aromatic, light to medium-bodied smoke.

Stay Clásico


Clásico it’s mild, cultured, and gentle smoke that provides countless hours of pleasure for countless discerning smokers over the last half-century. However, with the advent of the Clasico Medio Siglo, the Clásico will now become known as Clásico Original.

Cigar lovers will find the new Clasico Medio Siglo in Hong Kong and Germany around late June 2021; in the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Slovakia in late July 2021; New Zealand and Poland in late August 2021; and Guatemala and Romania in late September 2021.

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