Last week, our dear friends at Small Batch Cigar interviewed our very own Juan Ignacio Martínez. in this interview, you will find out how is a regular day as Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua. Also, how he started his path into the world of cigars. As well as the talents he has developed during this time of social distancing.

You will know about his early days at the JDN factory. When he accompanied his father, Dr Alejandro Martínez Cuenca, on his trips around Nicaragua buying tobaccos leaves.

Juan Martínez

“Back then, he was an entrepreneur of cigars in a place where nobody believed in the industry and the country. I really didn’t understand what was happening back then, but those memories eventually were the basis for me coming into the business, driven by my father’s commitment and stubbornness to make it happen.”

Juan Martínez’ message to the world about Joya de Nicaragua

“Joya de Nicaragua is, yes, the oldest cigar maker in Nicaragua, and in many ways a pioneer of Nicaraguan cigars. However, JDN is much more than that. It’s passion, legacy, heritage, and craftsmanship all in one, driven by a collective effort of many generations – with not one person or family responsible, but a collection of leaders that have taken Nicaraguan cigars to a whole new level!”

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