After celebrating our 50th anniversary and sharing with consumers around the world the best cigar that has ever come out of our factory, Cinco Décadas, we wanted to pay tribute to the visionaries that ignited the Nicaraguan cigar industry, the founders, Juan Francisco Bermejo, and Simón Camacho.  Now, the finest blend of JDN honors their lofty standard, therefore we named the newest addition as Fundador.

Cinco Décadas Fundador

From the very first day, the company’s strength has lied in our people. Therefore today we commemorate the vision of two immigrant businessmen that transformed our country.

“When we conceived the concept of the brand, we decided that every year until the next big anniversary, we would nationally release a size that would pay tribute to key characters that shaped the story of our company.”- Dr. Alejandro Martinez Cuenca, Chairman and Owner of Joya de Nicaragua.

Fundador: The Smoke to Rise to the Occasion


#CincoDecadas, with perfect construction, is a cigar of unparalleled elegance. Made exclusively with our prime extra-vintage leaves taken from our most exclusive collection of tobaccos. It carries an immaculate balance accompanied by a luxurious complexity of sweet and spicy flavors. Its silky-smooth smoke delivers a rich and fulfilling experience.

“Our secret blend will come in a 6 x 54 soft pressed format that will captivate you the moment you light it.” – Extolled Dr. Martínez Cuenca.

This stunning cigar comes in a 10ct box with an MSRP of $20 per stick. It will explicitly be available at selected retailers around the world. In the United States, it is a DDRP Exclusive product, that will be shipping as of July 2019.

Cinco Décadas Fundador will be showcased this June at the 87th IPCPR Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas for all US retailers. In addition, it will be displayed at Intertabac in Dortmund in September.

Let’s Rise to the Occasion

We invite all to Rise to the Occasion and pay tribute to those who made it possible for us to enjoy Nicaraguan cigars around the world. And to look further for next year’s commemoration to other protagonists of the story of The Most Nicaraguan Cigar.