Dear amigos, we are proud to carry the name of our country worldwide. Our beautiful nation possesses a rich nature, it is surrounded by two oceans. In its land, there are islands, lakes, and smoldering volcanoes. It is indeed a fact that our Nicaraguan heritage is something we truly treasure. We are proud to live in a country with such a vast culture, full of colors and flavors, and ultimately sounds because music plays quite an important part of our lives. As Nicaraguans, we surely love to sing, to dance, to break bread together, and share a celebration.

It is known that good things deserve to be shared, that’s why we decided to create and share with you a playlist with songs that showcase the sounds of our land. This way, you can also enjoy a part of our delightful culture.

The Most Nicaraguan Sounds

nicaraguan sounds

With the help of Mario Pérez, our Factory Manager, we selected 26 songs from diverse national artists. Each one of these songs tells a story of our beloved Nicaragua and its people. We invite you to light your favorite JDN cigar and hit the play button to have a fully Nicaraguan experience!

Go to the playlist, here!