Dear amigos, our Nicaraguan culture is diverse. We are proud to have such a bast heritage and we love to share it with the world. That is why we created “Modern Nica”, a playlist with fun beats that showcase the brightness and diversion our country has.

Modern Nica

Modern Nica

If the term “Nica” doesn’t sound familiar to you, this is a slang that abbreviates the word Nicaraguan. In fact, it is very commonly used among people in our country. Actually, at Joya de Nicaragua we like to say we are “proud Nicas”.

Now that you know it, we invite you to embrace your Nica spirit and listen to the playlist. We had a lot of fun when choosing each one of these beats, so we are pretty sure you will have a great time listening too.

Have in mind that these are not the common songs you hear, these are modern songs of various Nicaraguan artists that captured the essence of our music, our land, and our people and used these elements as inspiration to create catchy tunes. Light your favorite Joya de Nicaragua cigar and enjoy this playlist! Click, here!