Dear amigos, our world has changed during the past months, and that pushes us to find new ways to do what we love. That is why this year, the festival that reunited cigar lovers from around the world in Nicaragua has taken place in a virtual format.

With great pleasure, we reunited with some of our amigos worldwide for an inspiring and insightful conversation about the cigar industry’s positive impact in our country. We will tell you all about it here!

Puro Sabor 2021: second episode with Juan Martínez. 

On Monday, March 29th, our very own Juan Martínez joined our friends Reinhard Pohorec and Raed from The Leaf Master Dubai to talk about the value and the economic importance that the cigar industry provides our country.

The conversation started with a video of our beloved Panchita. Juan stated how important it is her testimony to showcase the strength that cigar makers have to change the lives of the people in Estelí and Nicaragua.

Later, Juan introduced us in-depth to the raw numbers of the industry. He also explained how important are cigars and tobacco for the Nicaraguan economy. He shared with the audience significant data such as:

  • Nicaragua has become the No. 1 exporter of Premium Cigars Worldwide.
  • Nicaraguan cigars are available in 96 countries worldwide.
  • +40k people are permanently employed.

As Nicaraguan, this is something we feel very proud of.

Cigar making is like a cluster…

Many factors and people make it all possible, from cigar makers, box makers, and many more. We will let Juan explain this part in the following video.


The Value and Economic Importance Of The Cigar Industry In Nicaragua.

After Juan’s insightful presentation, he and our friends continued the conversation answering questions from the host and some made by viewers. We invite you to watch the recorded Livestream on Light ’em Up World’s YouTube channel

Stay tuned! 

Know more about Puro Sabor 2021 at the Nicaraguan Cigar Fest Instagram account. Make sure to light your favorite cigar and get immersed in the world of tobacco expertise presented by the masters of the craft.