It’s not news to you that during this year’s IPCPR we introduced three cigars to our portfolio. We don’t have to refresh your mind, by this time, perhaps you have smoked at least one of them, but in case you haven’t, we will tell you a few highlights about them.

It all started with Antaño CT, a cigar for defiant souls. This member of the Antaños family, delivers a medium to full body and strength smoke, with dynamic creaminess and intense spicy notes.

Then, we announced a brand new vitola for our Cinco Décadas. Fundador, came in to pay tribute to our founders: Juan Francisco Bermejo and Simón Camacho. This cigar carries an immaculate balance accompanied by a luxurious complexity of sweet and spicy flavors.

And later on, Número Uno was introduced as part of our Obras Maestras family. An exclusive cigar with only 1,500 boxes a year for the global market. This ‘masterpiece’ cigar provides medium body and strength, in a refined, complex and elegant smoke.  Creaminess complemented with light pepper notes.

Our new releases at IPCPR from the words of Juan Martínez

IPCPR concentrates for a few days the best of the cigar industry and it works also as place to have the best conversations about cigars, with people who are as passionate as we are.

Check out this great interview our friend at JR Cigars had we our very own Juan Martínez.

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