At Joya de Nicaragua we have an international giveaway for you! A piece of us that will be with you for a long time. Keep reading and find out more about it.

Limited Edition Book

Last year, as we celebrated our 50 anniversary, we introduced to the world our outstanding Cinco Décadas and our Joya Silver, the shiniest member of the Joya line-up. We also released a limited edition book: “Cinco Décadas: The Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar”. A book that contains the history of Nicaragua, its people, and our factory.

Through the lens of one singular product: the most Nicaraguan cigar, this book takes you into a journey of Nicaragua, you’ll find yourself in the city of Estelí, and read stories of our people and how they helped us build-up this unparalleled institution from the very early days of the leaf, until today.

Would you like to read it?

End of Summer Giveaway

If your answer was yes, we’ve got great news! We are ending summer 2019 in the best possible way with an international giveaway. The price? Our limited edition book “Cinco Décadas: The Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar“.

If you want to win, just follow the steps described below.

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