Born from the whispers of history, where shells and stones spoke volumes, jewelry has danced through time. Jewlery is not just about adornment; it’s about a narrative. From pharaohs to the person next door, each piece whispers secrets of heritage, preference, and cherished moments. Like jewelry, cigars are handcrafted from the riches of the earth and are more than a puff of smoke. They’re a testament to dedication and craftsmanship, a nod to the human touch in a world rushing towards mass production.


Estelí, Nicaragua, 2024. 

“What exactly do you do?” a factory visitor curiously asked our Master bonchero, Aristo Torres, to which he responded brilliantly: 

“I’m a jeweler. But not just any jeweler. Each of my hand-rolled creations is a man’s best friend. It’s not just a cigar; it’s an experience, each puff a story unfolding. “ 

This seemingly trivial exchange sparked the inspiration behind The Ultimate Jewel Collection. A remarkable sampler of Joya de Nicaragua’s top creations providing a journey into the craftmanship of its blenders and master makers through time. An insight into the work of Aristo, who humbly and confidently, has been perfecting his craft at the factory for the past 30 years, and counting. 

The Ultimate Jewel Collection features fourteen exceptional cigars, each from one of JDN’s family of brands in its line’s best-selling vitola. The selection also spans launches from 1968 all the way to 2023, from when Joya initiated the Nicaraguan cigar industry, to the commemorative 55th Anniversary blend. The cigars will provide a deep insight into the wide range of flavor profiles, complexities and strengths mastered throughout the years.

Joya de Nicaragua literally translates to the “Jewel of Nicaragua”. An unequivocal link to luxury, but one that by belief is unpretentious. Instead of delighting boasters, this jewel stands for craftsmanship, heritage, and quality, with the sole purpose of crafting great cigars for those in the know. Every puff is a story, a legacy passed through smoke and fire. Imagine unwrapping this box, each cigar a hidden gem revealing itself. Our leaves? Chosen with the precision of a jeweler, aged to perfection, hand-rolled into what we like to call a smokeable masterpiece.
Like a treasure chest, this collection will be sought after by global aficionados – and they will be available this March 2024 at PCA in Las Vegas. Be the first to get your hands on The Ultimate Jewel Collection. Swing by the Joya de Nicaragua booth #14079. Let’s chat, let’s share stories, and let’s enjoy a good smoke.