Queridos Amigos,

This is Juan Martínez from Joya de Nicaragua. It’s hard to believe that our world today is so much different than what it was just a few short weeks ago. In these difficult times, we want to share with you something very special and dear to our hearts! We want to share with your our own story, a story full of resilience and hope, something we all need to step into the circumstances we’re facing.

Trying to make our time indoors a little more pleasant, we want to share with everybody this masterpiece: ‘Cinco Décadas, the Rise of the Nicaraguan Cigar’. I invite you to watch the following video and find out how to get your digital copy.

Cinco Décadas: Our limited-edition book

a story of resilience

This is a very special book that we published in 2018 to celebrate Joya de Nicaragua’s 50th Anniversary. It’s a book that sheds light on the collective evolution of the Nicaraguan people, of our country, and our company through the lens of one singular product: the most Nicaraguan cigar; a product that has transformed the lives of thousands of Nicaraguans and millions of cigar lovers around the world.

This is a story of resilience, a trait of our human nature and one that today, more than ever, we have to find inside of us, nurture and put into practice. To get your digital version of Cinco Décadas visit: http://www.astoryofresilience.com.

It will be available to download for free for the next couple of weeks.

Be part of our journey

So while we stay safely indoors, we want you to become part of our journey… and to enjoy the majestic lessons of life of how challenges and tribulations become opportunities, and how the bleak future becomes a truly hopeful and beautiful present. Because we know that this will pass, and it will be better, and WE will be better, we will be our best selves!

Amigos, stay safe, stay indoors… let’s ride this together connected, but tomorrow let’s unite to build it back again with enthusiasm, solidarity and love!

Take care of your loved ones and take care of yourselves!

PS. from Nicaragua: We’re a little behind than the rest of the world, but we’re bracing ourselves and preparing our families. Thanks to everybody that has reached out!

Sincerely yours,

Juan Ignacio Martínez.