Watch an open and very insightful interview between and Juan Martínez, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua. Learn how Juan got into the business, the history of our factory, our premium cigar brands and more!


On the interview (starting at 2:20), the Stogie Geeks team formed by Paul Asadoorian and Will “Cigar Coop” Cooper, ask Juan about:

  • The differences between the blends and characteristics of the Antaño 1970 and Antaño Dark Corojo.
  • Joya Red; what our newest brand and blend is all about.
  • The Cuatro Cinco brand, which commemorated the start of our industry.
  • Nicaraguan tobacco and its growing regions.

If you have comments or questions on any of the spoken topics, please share them below!

Here’s the link to the interview: