Last year, we released the Cinco Décadas video as part of our celebration. If you missed it out, we are giving you another chance to watch it, and if you already saw it, pay attention to it, because we are giving you some unveil details we bet you didn’t notice the first time!

Take your seat and enjoy!

Cinco Décadas: “Rise To The Occasion”

Cinco Décadas video Easter Eggs

1. Did you notice that the clock is ticking at 5 o’clock? Guess what? It isn’t a coincidence.

2. Images of the plantations and the burned factory are displayed in tobaccos leaves. Also, old factory videos are shown.

3. Have you heard that voice before? Yes, you’re not being delusional. In 2013, with the celebration of Joya de Nicaragua’s 45th anniversary, Cuatro Cinco was released and with it, a video was filmed and we really liked the voice actor.

4. Do you recognize the hands that are bunching our superb cigar? If you have been following our path, you might know about our historic people. For the Cinco Décadas video, we have the pleasure to showcase our beloved Aristo, Joya de Nicaragua’s Cigar-Making Maestro.

5. If you are an observer, throughout the video you will see hints of our Chairman and Master Maker Dr Martinez Cuenca. He signs the letter, takes a Cinco Décadas out of the box, and almost at the end, we see him light up our superb cigar.

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