We are honored to have been nominated for the upcoming Cigar Trophy Awards in the categories of Best Brand, and Best Value Cigar for our Cuatro Cinco and Joya Red respectively. Voting is easy, and takes around 5 minutes. 

Ever since 1998, when the first Cigar Trophy was awarded, Cigar Journal’s award has been top of mind for many cigar brands and enthusiasts all over the world.

In 2013, Cigar Journal opened up voting to the public, and now it’s up to them to submit their nominations, as well as to participate in the voting process. The categories available are Best Brand, Best Cigar, Best Value, Best Cigar Lounge and Best Accessory.

It’s that time of the year again, and we hope to have your consideration. To ease the voting process for you, we present you a breakdown on how to submit your votes!

1) Register to Vote

The first step to voting is to submit your email and create a username and password.

2) Confirm Your Registration

Once you register, check your inbox for an email asking you to confirm your registration. You will only be able to login once you successfully confirm your email.

3) Let the Voting Begin!

Now that you are registered, you can proceed to vote! First, you need to pick the country you will be voting in by clicking it and then you can choose the cigar based on each category.


Be sure to vote in each category, and once you are done, you will receive a message that reads ‘thank you for voting’ in green right below the last group.

Looking Forward to the Big Finale

You have until June 30th to vote for your favorite cigar at http://www.cigartrophy.com/

We hope you found this guide useful and that you consider our cigars as you cast your vote!