We have closed the chapter our first five decades. The thought of it, is just mind blowing. 50 years are easier said than done. In that time we have evolved to be Nicaragua’s most international brand, with a presence in over 50 markets, and counting. We attribute this unprecedented success to our skillful and resilient people.

As the history of Nicaragua is currently being re-written and our society is reinventing itself once more, we wanted to write a few words with the intention to shed light on the collective evolution of our people, of our country, and our company. But more importantly, we wanted to write these words to thank everyone who’s been part of this amazing journey.

50 years_01

Thank you to the people that, filled with courage and hope, helped build this unparalleled institution. Thank you to those women and men who have been champions and leaders in Nicaragua and around the world, and have guided and inspired us through the peaks and valleys of time. Because of them, Joya de Nicaragua has been appropriately dubbed ”the quintessential Nicaraguan cigar”.

Thank you for allowing us to pioneer an industry by crafting the first cigars to ever come out of Nicaragua. Thank you for your appreciation and for recognizing the artful craft of our people. We feel deeply honored for the list of awards and accolades that our cigars have received.

Our product has become a means to share that evolution of the Nicaraguan cigar with the world and has transformed the lives of thousands of Nicaraguans and millions of cigar lovers around the world.

As Joya de Nicaragua embarks on its next half a century, we invite you to be part of this journey with us, as we are inspired collectively to build this new and better Nicaragua, and with it, a better version of ourselves. From now on, each Nicaraguan cigar you light up and enjoy will carry in its essence a little bit of this struggle, a little bit of this hope and a whole lot of passion for life.


We have closed a chapter, but our story is just beginning. We enter 2019 with a heart full of gratitude; working for a better, brighter, more just and equitable future.

Our best wishes to you ¡Feliz año nuevo!