After receiving the award of Cigar of the Year 2019 from our friends at Cigar Dojo, they have decided to share their review about our Número Uno. This time, they talked about three major aspects of this Joya de Nicaragua cigar. The first one is the overall description of the cigar. Then comes the appearance of our masterpiece, and at last, the smoking experience.

At the end of the review, an important question is asked. Would they smoke this cigar again? Keep reading to find out!

Cigar Dojo review: Número Uno overall look

cigar dojo 1


“L’Ambassadeur is an impressive display of cigar craftsmanship from the onset, with a sharp fantail cap being the headlining detail.”

Smoking Experience

cigar dojo 2

“Warm and gentle spices move the cigar along at a steady pace, picking up an increasing influence of sweet florals in the process. It’s a steady profile that plays to strengths of finesse and an incredibly long-lasting finish.”

Final score

Score: 94 points

“Aside from displaying the supreme craftsmanship of Joya’s acclaimed Nicaraguan factory, Numero Uno’s profile cannot be pinned down as easily as expected, hitting the tongue on virtually every sensory region—boasting an overall character unique unto itself.”

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