We would have never guessed that 2020 was going to start with such great news! Our friends from Cigar Dojo have given us the honour to be awarded as “Cigar of the Year 2019”. The latest addition to our “masterpieces” received the accolade, we’re thrilled to see how a cigar that was first made as limited-edition is now a favourite among cigar lovers around the world. Any thoughts of which cigar are we talking about?

Número Uno: Cigar of the Year 2019 by Cigar Dojo

cigar of the year

That’s right! Our Número Uno was selected as the number one cigar of the past year. Check what our friends at Cigar Dojo have to say:

“Smokers will find an experience practically unique unto itself, delivering a smooth yet concentrated smoke onto the palate… Número Uno proves that if there’s anything more impressive than delivering on a milestone 50th anniversary, it’s laying a solid groundwork for the next 50 to come.”

Learn more about it, here.