Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie is a crowd favorite around the globe. Its unconventional two toned wrappers or Doble Capa, makes it very attractive to the eye. However, its creamy smoke with peppery notes and mild to medium strength is what keeps captivating consumers.

To put the Cabinetta back in the spotlight, as well as to establish it as one of the top signature mild smokes in the US, JDN has revamped its image and migrated Cabinetta under the new JOYA brand name and portfolio.


A Modern Classic

“Cabinetta might be one of the favorites cigars of the JDN team. It’s a brand that we have always enjoyed, specially paired with a hot cup of Nicaraguan coffee. We wanted to give some love back to it, not only by revamping its packaging, but also, by giving it a new identity. We are sure the new Joya Cabinetta will help us expand our offering to modern smokers while continuing to satisfy the needs of retailers and consumers seeking for flavorful experiences without aggressive strength” Juan Martínez, President of Joya de Nicaragua, said.


“Besides improving its packaging, we will also release 3 new sizes into the market. But most importantly, we followed our customers’ requests to increase the length of the Doble Capa by almost an inch. Previously, consumers had the unique opportunity of smoking a mild blend while also tasting spicier notes from the criollo wrapper tip from contact with their lips. Some were adventurous and smoked to the nub to actually taste some of the criollo wrapper on the tip. With the new Cabinetta, reaching and experiencing that wrapper change will be easier, which makes it even more enjoyable.” Mario Perez, Commercial Manager of Joya de Nicaragua, said.

Since the release of the first JOYA line, the brand has quickly gained popularity among consumers due to its friendlier blends and contemporary design. Cabinetta (Mild) will continue to spread the message of JOYA, one that is full of energy and excitement and will complement the portfolio together with Joya Red (Medium) and its newest addition, Joya Black (Medium).


Joya Cabinetta Availability

The Joya Cabinetta will be available in 20 count boxes and priced similarly as the Joya Red, ranging from $5.00 to $7.50 per cigar. It will also be available in the following sizes:

  • Corona Gorda   5 1/4 x 46
  • Robusto               5 x 50
  • Toro                      6 x 52
  • Belicoso               6 x 54
  • Churchill           6 7/8 x 48


JOYA CABINETTA will be presented to all retail shops during the upcoming IPCPR 84th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas in July 2016. Initial shipments will be available at the retail stores by late August 2016. Drew Estate will distribute the brand in the USA as part of our exclusive agreement. Joya Cabinetta will also be available worldwide through our International Marketing Division and JDN’s partners.