The Antaño Dark Corojo packaging is getting an upgrade that matches its unadulterated boldness with a beautiful dark and oily wrapper. This change is accompanied by a new box and band.

Aligning the Antaño Family and its Look

“To align the Antaño family and its look, we have updated the packaging of the Antaño Dark Corojo to match the other brands in the Antaño Family. This means that even though all of them will have their unique color code and details, they will carry relatable bands and will be presented in the same type of box. This alignment will help establish the Antaño family brand of cigars. In other words, we are now offering three alternatives to get cigars of unique Nicaraguan character.” Juan Ignacio, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua said.


“The Antaño Dark Corojo is a cigar of great strength, even for the most experienced smoker. With its revamp we were also looking to solidify a family represents the ultra robustness, yet smooth character of Nicaraguan tobacco.” said Mario Perez, Joya de Nicaragua’s Commercial Manager.
The Antaño Dark Corojo has been in the market since 2007, immediately becoming the embodiment of the Nicaraguan “Power” cigar personified. You can find it with its new packaging in six different presentations:

– Poderoso 6×54
– La Niveladora 6×52
– El Martillo 5 ½ x 54
– Peligroso 5×44
– La Pesadilla 43/4×60
– Azarosa 41/2×52


What Do You Think of the New Look?

This is the first update the Antaño Dark Corojo gets in 10 years, and we are pleased to present you with its new beautiful dark and oily wrapper. What do you think about this new look? Let us know in the comment section below!