Antaño CT has caught the eye of cigar lovers around the world since its release. It has caused a lot of buzz on social media and inside the industry specialized media. Our friends at Cigar Dojo recently mentioned our daring cigar as a must-try, along with other great brands of the industry.


Cigar Dojo: 11 Must-Try Cigars Following IPCPR


For us, is delightful to see such a positive welcome for this new member of the Antaños family. This Joya de Nicaragua cigar showcases the contrasts between the expected subtleties of the CT shade and the rich and potent flavours of Nicaraguan tobacco. A masterful and paradoxical blend of what a cigar with attitude can be.

“Antaño CT is a high-octane expression of the Connecticut Shade smoking style, building on the full-bodied tendencies of its predecessor.”

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