Joya de Nicaragua has ventured into growing tobacco in Jalapa. This time, with 300+ outstanding acres of land for a very special and proprietary kind of tobacco seed.

We are excited to return to our roots to apply all of our tobacco knowledge not only at the rolling tables, but also in the fields. Historically, we had always grown our tobacco parallel to manufacture. However, during the mid 90’s our factory and fields parted ways as two different ventures.

We re-started our agricultural efforts in 2014 by growing a small pilot of 36.5 acres of a unique hybrid tobacco seed. After testing it on experimental blends with outstanding results, we cultivated more than 300 acres of this same special type of tobacco. In perspective, if we used these leaves only for cigar fillers, we would have enough to craft more than 10 million cigars.


All of this new tobacco will be used for upcoming projects, therefore increasing our capacity to continue offering distinctively rich and flavorful blends.

The Valley of Jalapa

Jalapa is Nicaragua’s largest tobacco region, actually producing more than 50% of Nicaragua’s overall tobacco production. Naturally, this is an excellent choice to grow our tobacco. However, the main reason we chose the valley of Jalapa is because we want to produce a rich and bold tobacco that features the sweet notes the Jalapan soil and sun conditions help provide.


Growing Tobacco Alongside Joya de Nicaragua

As a result of our increasing tobacco growing efforts, we have also expanded our processing and storage capacity in our factory in Estelí with the building of a new 650 square meter warehousing facility. Consequently, we have managed to increase the Joya de Nicaragua family by employing 300 more collaborators.


What’s next you wonder? – We expect to incorporate more of these tobaccos into new projects in 2017.