Years back, we introduced the JOYA family, a modern line-up of cigars that invites you to Rediscover Joya. The JOYA line-up showcases a contemporary and more fun side of Joya de Nicaragua. It’s flavours vary from mellow blends like Joya Cabinetta, going through fun and friendly cigars like Joya Red, and more sophisticated complex like Black. In the year of our fifty anniversary, we introduced another member: Joya Silver. A blend that would make modern smokers’ taste exploration much more rewarding.

Joya Silver: A Smoke That Shines

joya silver toro 2

Silver is a box-pressed cigar that delivers a dynamic complexity of fresh spice, chocolate and cherry notes. It is a medium to full body smoke that achieves an indulging matching of flavours. This cigar is a shining representation of our continuous quest for a truly unforgettable yet quotidian smoke.

The review

silver toro 3

Brooks Whittington says: “Time and again, Joya de Nicaragua proves its cigars are some of the best on the market, and after a year and a half of age, the Joya Silver continues to show why.”

Then, he continues: “The blend is a flavour bomb, with nuance evident throughout the two hour smoking time and complexity to spare”. At last, he mentions that this cigar blend remains a great choice to represent our 50th anniversary.

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