Early in February, our friends at Cigar Aficionado named a member of our modern line-up as Cigar of the Week. The one that received this great mention was our Joya Red!

Launched in 2014, Joya Red was developed for the modern smoker by the youngest executive team in the industry, together with the most senior Master Blenders of Nicaragua. The moment we released it, some called it unexpected. Regardless of that, it has caught the attention of cigar lovers and the industry media. Furthermore, it has received awards and accolades throughout the years.

Cigar of the Week by Cigar Aficionado



If by this time you haven’t try Joya Red at least once, we can assure you that this is a smoke you will enjoy anytime and anywhere; it offers a vibrant and extremely pleasant smoking experience. Classy as always, but a lot more fun!

We would like to tell how it tastes like, but we rather shared what our friends at Cigar Aficionado have to say about it:

“There’s a fresh woodsy, forest flavor of pine needles and tilled earth to this smoke, along with sweet notes of honey and molasses before the snap of leather on the finish. Draw and burn are consistently even.”

Along with this flattering description, they gave to this Joya cigar an outstanding score of 91 points! Thanks a lot, Cigar Aficionado!

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