The Antaño Dark Corojo is a cigar for the experienced connoisseur. Juan Martínez describes it as “the most intense sibling in the Antaño family”. Find out more about this powerhouse cigar in the following video!

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Dark Corojo is the embodiment of the Nicaraguan “power” cigar. An ultra-robust, yet smooth smoke that leaves even the most discerning smoker satisfied and spent. 

Antaño Dark Corojo: Full of Estelí Goodness

Antaño Dark Corojo 2

#AntanoDarkCorojo has a complex and pungent blending of mature locally cultivated leaves.

It uses a dark Oscuro Corojo wrapper from Nicaragua.

The black ligero, adds the intensity and the characteristic strength to the cigar. Also, makes each draw to build in strength and come across as incredibly rich, chewy, fruity and full of Estelí goodness.

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