We are honored to have our Joya Black featured on Cigar Aficionado’s and Cigar Journal’s list of top 25 cigars of 2017. A complex smoke filled with sweet and creamy notes, Joya Black is designed for those who want more. It is the first and only cigar with a Mexican wrapper in our portfolio.

Modern in Spirit, Fuller in Flavor and Stronger in Attitude.

The Joya Black together with the Joya line or our “modern lineup” is a reflection of our determination to create contemporary and innovative cigars.

We came in at spot #12 in Cigar Journal and they write: “In its overall brand identity, both embody the arrival of the new generation at Joya de Nicaragua. The final result, however, came about through close collaboration of the young management team and experienced master blenders.”


Being the oldest operating cigar factory in Nicaragua, we have the advantage of being able to develop blends with the expertise of our senior master blenders together with the youngest executive team in the industry. The result? A cigar that is modern in spirit, fuller in flavor and stronger in attitude.

The Quintessential Nicaraguan Cigar, with a Modern Look

It’s not just the blend that is noteworthy about our Joya Black. The band, packaging, and ads also have a different look. We took the 22nd spot on Cigar Aficionado and they wrote: “The band is a reflection of Joya’s determination to modernize a bit. Though the quintessential Nicaraguan cigar, the company sought a modern look.”


This modern feel can be seen in our ads, check out the latest one:


We couldn’t be happier about getting the 12th spot on Cigar Journal and the number 22nd on Cigar Aficionado. Thank you to all of our amigos who keep enjoying the flavors of Nicaragua!