We are glad to share the first reviews our Joya Black cigar has gotten from experts and aficionados.

Joya Black was officially introduced last July, during IPCPR 2016, as a follow up to the very successful Joya Red. It is part of JDN’s new generation of smokes (JOYA); specially designed for the contemporary smoker by the industry’s youngest executive team in collaboration with Nicaragua’s most senior Master Blenders.

93 points by Cigar Aficionado’s Cigar Insider

“Joya Black impressed our panel with its robust flavor and consistency. All four cigars scored 91 points or higher, with Nocturno earning 93 points.”

“Nocturno: this corona gorda leaves precise impressions of black cherry and cocoa nibs on the palate, which are elevated by notes of leather, nougat and a hint of peppermint.”

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94 points by Cigar Smoke 

“Construction of the JOYA Black was one of the more solid cigars I’ve smoked in 2016. Firm and tightly packed the draw was perfect on all three examples smoked for review and produced a generous amount of thick and white aromatic smoke. The ash was tight and compact to the inch and a half point until it was forcibly removed while the burn line was razor sharp with zero re lights required. The strength of the JOYA Black was in the solid HIGH MEDIUM to FULL bodied range. The cigar was extremely balanced with a long pleasant finish, full on flavors and generous on body and strength.”

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9/10 by Leaf Enthusiast


“The Joya Black is a great addition to Joya de Nicaragua’s “modern” lineup. It was full-bodied and full-flavored, keeping my interest from end to end. While there are a good number of cigars on the market with this basic makeup, this cigar ends up feeling unique among them, with more sweetness at the front and an excellent balance in the blend. It should be sure to please fans of Joya…”

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93 points by Cigar Federation


“I pick up tons of chocolate with trailing sweetness off the initial draw. The retrohale, by contrast, is very sweet, and airy like a marshmallow. Some spiciness does start to develop at the same level as the sweetness, but falling off quite quickly on the post draw. I’m just completely blown away by the elegance and layers of the retrohale. The chocolate continues to ramp up in intensity as the first third progresses.”

“This is a no brainer box buy for me and is no doubt going to be a contender for cigar of the year.”

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90 points by Cigar Coop


This is a cigar I could recommend to an experienced cigar enthusiast. It’s certainly a nice cigar for a novice to graduate to something medium / medium plus.

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Have you had a chance to try it yet? Do you agree with what the experts are saying? Let us know in the comments below!