This past July, we successfully introduced Joya Silver at the IPCPR 86th Annual Convention in Las Vegas. The industry’s specialized media, bloggers and magazines, got their hands on some samples and are already buzzing about it. Check out what the experts had to say about our new shiny addition to the Joya Modern Line-up! Here are the first Joya Silver Reviews.

1. Halfwheel’s Joya Silver Review

“The most enjoyable aspect about the new cigar is the amount of smoothness and flavor the blend features, punctuated by a dominant creamy cashew and marzipan sweetness combination that play off each other nicely. Throw in the excellent price point, superb balance and wonderful construction, and you have a winner that you can smoke just about any time of the day.”

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2. Cigar Snob’s Joya Silver Review

“A nearly box-pressed blend with a core of earth and smooth pepper accompanied by notes of walnut, sweet cedar, and tanned leather. This medium to full strength toro is consistently well-made delivering tons of thick, aromatic smoke.”

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3. Cigar and Spirits’ Joya Silver Review

“Box pressed cigar that delivers a dynamic complexity of fresh spice, chocolate and cherry notes.”

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4. Fine Tobacco NYC’s Joya Silver Review

“It’s clear after lighting that Joya Silver has excellent smoke production. The cigar kicks off with plumes of lush, medium to full strength smoke. The flavor profile is is dark, with dominant leather, ground black pepper, and oak. Beneath that core profile are some sweeter supporting notes, with some dark cherry and slightly creamy espresso. Every couple of puffs I also pick up something that reminds me of wine that’s just about to turn a touch vineagery.”

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5. Cigar Federation’s Joya Silver Review

“Satisfying to long-time fans and complex yet approachable enough for newcomers to the brand, this cigar didn’t disappoint. A solid medium plus in body and enough complexity to keep me engaged throughout the entire smoke.”


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Have You Tried it Yet?

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