The most memorable of celebrations requiere that you rise to the occasion. In 2018, Cinco Décadas was introduced as a testament of the ultra premium quality that characterizes Fábrica Joya de Nicaragua. As soon as the industry’s specialized media, bloggers and magazines, got their hands on it, the buzz started and we are beyond proud of how well our latest cigar has been received.

Check out what the experts have to say about our superb cigar, here are the first Cinco Décadas Reviews.

1. The Consensus: Top 25 Cigars – First Place


In our “Factory Awards” blog post , we mentioned that Joya de Nicaragua received three recognitions from Halfwheel’s Annual Consensus; one for our factory and two for our cigars. According to Halfwheel, “a total of 397 cigars were nominated between 28 lists” and only 25 made it into the Top 25.

It is such an honor to see our Cinco Décadas in the first spot. We couldn’t be happier.

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2. Cigar Snob’s Cinco Décadas Review

Score: 91

cinco décadas reviews1

“Beautifully constructed and covered with an oily, reddish brown wrapper. Strength ramps up to a mediumto full toward the midway point while producing an excellent smoke output with notes of cedar, black pepper, earth, and cream with a hint of ripe fruit on the finish”.

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3. Cigar Federation’s Top 25 of 2018 – First Place


Cigar Federation has become one of the industry’s top cigar sites, and they have successfully created a strong community of cigar lovers. We are so thrilled to see our #CincoDecadas leading their Top 25 cigars of 2018. It’s truly an honor.

“As the name implies, the Cinco Décadas celebrates the 50th anniversary of the oldest Nicaraguan cigar company. The cigars are flawlessly rolled, and offer an incredibly rich mix of oak, maple syrup, black pepper, cream and earth. Simply put, this is an incredible cigar that manages to one-up the Cuatro Cinco that celebrated the company’s 45th anniversary.”

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4. Blind Man’s Puff Cinco Décadas Review

Score: 91

cinco décadas reviews2

“The spiciness amps up here. The ongoing delicious profile of cocoa and leather keep their dominate presence throughout the whole experience”

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5. Cigar Coop’s Cinco Décadas Review

Score: 92

cinco décadas reviews3

“With the Cinco Décadas El General, Joya de Nicaragua delivers a cigar that excels in the most important category – flavor. It’s a cigar that can also be enjoyed by a wide range of both novice and experienced cigar enthusiasts.”

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6. Tuesday Night Cigar Club’s Cinco Décadas Review

Score: 93

cinco décadas reviews4

The Cinco Décadas is unquestionably delicious and it is a fitting cigar to mark a milestone in Joya de Nicaragua’s history.”

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7. Cigars & Leisure’s Top Rated Cigar of 2018

cinco décadas reviews5

Cigars & Leisure’s made its 4th Annual Reader’s Choice list and Cinco Décadas is the Top Rated Cigar of 2018. Thanks to everyone who voted for our latest superb milestone.

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8. Tony Casas Edition: Top 10 Cigars of 2018

cinco décadas reviews6

For this particular review, as stated in Casas Fumando website, there’s no a certain rule to make the list, basically it’s the top cigars they smoked or reviewed the previous year. We are so glad to know Cinco Decadas stand out and made it into the Top 10, but we are even more excited about seeing it at the 1st place.

“What a fantastic cigar. Not even going to try to hide how much I enjoyed it.”

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