Even more Joya Silver reviews coming your way! Last year we shared with you parts one and two of the first Joya Silver reviews. And now, just starting 2019, we couldn’t be happier to share with you the latest comments on our newest addition to the Joya de Nicaragua Modern Line-up. 

Put your glasses on, it’s about to shine bright! No pun intended.  

1. The Consensus: Top 25 Cigars



First of all, we are thrilled that the name of Joya de Nicaragua appeared three times in 2018 edition of The Consensus, showcasing two of our cigars in their Top 25 and also our beloved factory.

According to halfwheel, “A total of 397 cigars were nominated between 28 lists”, and our #JoyaSilver made the cut. We feel deeply honored for such relevant mention.

See the list at: https://halfwheel.com/the-consensus-2018/

2. Cigar Dojo’s 2018 Cigar of the Year: Second Place



Early this year, Cigar Dojo published the 2018 Cigar of the Year list, which includes Top 10 Cigars of the Year, Top 5 Limited Edition Cigars and Exceptional Awards for other noteworthy cigars, manufacturers, factories, and more.

The guidelines haven’t changed much since the first release in 2012, therefore only a few variants have been made to reflect the changing market.

We bet it’s a difficult task to choose only 10 from over a variety of cigars, that’s why we are so happy to have our #JoyaSilver in the N°2 spot. Without any doubt, our shiny addition, in Cigar Dojo’s words, has become “a fitting accompaniment” to our golden anniversary and to the Joya Modern Line-Up.

Read more at: https://cigardojo.com/2019/01/no-2-cigar-of-the-year-2018/

3. Cigar Snob’s Top 25 Best Cigars of 2018


“A nearly box-pressed blend with a core of earth and smooth pepper accompanied by notes of walnut, sweet cedar, and tanned leather. This medium to full strength toro is consistently well-made delivering tons of thick, aromatic smoke.”

Score: 91

Read more at: http://www.cigarsnobmag.com/top-25/2019/1/7/the-top-25-cigars-of-2018-16-25

3. Cigar Federation’s Top 25 of 2018



During 2018, Cigar Federation mentioned Joya de Nicaragua in numerous occasions. We feel nothing but thankful for these reviews and comments, and we are beyond excited to see our #JoyaSilver in their Top 25.

“Spicy, earth and chocolatey, this stick rounds out the new Joya portfolio perfectly. The size and box-pressed shape combined with the intensity of flavor make the Ultra our favorite in the line.”

Read more at: http://cigarfederation.com/profiles/blogs/ciger-federation-top-25-of-2018

4. Cigars and Leisure: 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards


Last year, Cigars and Leisure asked their readers what they considered to be the best in cigars, beer, travel destinations, and more. As stated in their website, Joya de Nicaragua topped the list, and two of our cigars made it into the category of Top Rated Cigar of 2018.

We are happy to find out our Joya Silver is among the readers’ favorites.

See the list at: https://cigarsandleisure.com/4th-annual-readers-choice-winners/

5. More Joya Silver Reviews – Developing Palates: Team Cigar Review

Team Cigar Review concept is a little bit different from other reviews we have seen before. Four experts compose the team, as a result each member shares their experience while smoking the cigar they’re reviewing. At the end, they all give their individual scores.

Check out what they had to say: https://developingpalates.com/reviews/cigar-reviews/team-cigar-review-joya-de-nicaragua-joya-silver-robusto/

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