Estelí, Nicaragua. 

It’s 2001, the world has just stepped into a new millennium, and the cigar industry is still dusting itself off from a series of challenges, including natural disasters in Nicaragua, and disruption in the global cigar markets. It was in this era of resilience that Joya de Nicaragua made a pivotal move, introducing the Antaño 1970. This wasn’t just any cigar; it was a game-changer, an original Nicaraguan Puro that forever altered how Nicaraguan tobaccos were viewed. It earned the nickname “The Strongest Cigar out there,” and for good reason. 

Launched at the RTDA show in 2001, the Antaño 1970 quickly became a favorite among cigar enthusiasts, thanks to its potent mix of full strength and bold character. These qualities stem from JDN’s unwavering commitment to quality and consistency. Antaño (pronounced An-ta-ni-o) means “yesteryear” in Spanish, a word that encapsulates the essence of the Joya de Nicaragua. It is a nod to the past, and a tribute to the puro that captured the hearts of cigar aficionados in the United States after the Cuban Embargo era of the 1970s. 

As time passed, the Antaño 1970 spawned a family of equally notable cigars: the robust Antaño Dark Corojo, the refined Antaño Gran Reserva, and the smooth yet spirited Antaño CT. Recognized globally, these cigars have become a staple for smokers everywhere. To celebrate the legacy of the “True Nicaraguan Puro” and JDN’s forward-thinking approach to today’s cigar landscape, we’re thrilled to reveal a new chapter in Antaño’s story: a fresh evolution of its packaging. 


The Antaño line is getting a contemporary makeover, while staying true to its roots with the same unchanged blends and its hallmark of legendary quality. 

“The challenge was to craft something modern yet retain the robust, traditional spirit of this iconic brand,” says Cristhian Lanzas, Communication Coordinator for JDN.  

Throughout its various iterations, one constant has remained – the image of the bull. Upon Antaño’s debut in 2001, Don Leonel Raudez, the then General Manager of the Joya de Nicaragua Factory, described it as “dark as night, strong as a bull.” This striking description has since guided the bull to become the new emblem of the Antaño family. 

“This bull is a departure from previous iterations,” notes Lanzas. “It’s not depicted in combat or poised for battle; rather, it strides with a proud, calm confidence. It’s a symbol of understated authority, a power that doesn’t need to be broadcast. This bull knows its strength.”


With this update, the Antaño 1970 is also officially renamed “Antaño Original”, a label that has become an organic fit, distinguishing “the Origin” from its relatives (Dark Corojo, Gran Reserva, and CT). Every aspect of the redesign was thoughtfully executed, not only making it challenging to imitate but also enhancing its sophistication and natural charm. “Born from JDN’s ambition to redefine the limits of strength and boldness 23 years ago, Antaño has consistently lived up to that vision. Now, its packaging mirrors that audacity,” declares Juan Martínez, Executive President.  

The packaging refresh involves a redesign of the box exterior featuring unified emblems and enhanced guarantee seals that reflect Fábrica Joya de Nicaragua’s commitment to quality, while retaining its distinguished rounded edges. Additionally, the update brings improved visuals for the vistas and a seamless integration of each Antaño sub-brand within the primary cigar bands, elevating the overall presentation. This redesign not only uplifts the presentation but also simplifies the recognition of the diverse Antaño range for aficionados, ensuring each variant stands out distinctively on the shelves.

This new look will grace all vitolas across the four Antaño brands. Set for a grand reveal at the PCA Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas this March, the revamped boxes will start shipping in Q4 2024. This early announcement is designed to spark excitement and inform retailers and consumers ahead of its arrival in stores.